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DVD Studio Pro® & Cyprus SCC Assets

There is no formal "standard" for files with a SCC extent.  However, the asset format used by DVD Studio Pro and Cyprus authoring systems is generally similar to other SCC files.  The only difference is that the DVD Studio Pro SCC asset is made for the MAC computer while the Cyprus version is made for the Windows PC.

Here is an example:

00:00:06:10 9420 9420 94ae 94ae 94e0 94e0 5468 e973 20e9 7320 f468 e520 e6e9 f273 f420 e361 70f4 e96e 6e80 942f 942f
00:00:10:04 9420 9420 94ae 94ae 9440 9440 5468 e973 20e9 7320 f468 e520 73e5 e3ef 6e64 2061 6e64 20ec ef6e 67e5 f280 94e0 94e0 e361 70f4 e9ef 6e20 f468 61f4 20f4 616b e573 20f4 f7ef 20ec e96e 7373 942f 942f
00:00:16:10 9420 9420 94ae 94ae 94e0 94e0 f468 e520 e564 6480 942f 942f

AutoCaption will produce this sort of SCC asset for use with DVD Studio Pro and Cyprus DVD authoring systems.


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