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MAC vs. Windows Font Problems

There can be font problems when you prepare a subtitling asset on a Windows platform, but author the DVD on a MAC platform using DVD Studio Pro®

Here's what Microsoft® has to say:

TrueType fonts on the PC and the Mac
Although TrueType fonts can be used on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms, slight differences in the way each operating system handles the fonts lead vendors to produce separate versions of the font for each platform. Some vendors will provide you with both Mac and Windows format TrueType files, while others may treat them as different products. Contact individual vendors for specific details.
This oddity arises because of the different file system used on the two platforms. Information can be included in the font to determine whether the font can be used on both kinds of system, or one or the other.
On a Macintosh, the TrueType font file is sometimes referred to as an SFNT and, under Windows as a .TTF. The information contained in the fonts is the same, and making the necessary adjustments to allow the font to run on both platforms is a relatively straightforward task.
Chapter 13 (currently page 455) of the DVD Studio Pro® Manual is far more direct:
The font must be installed as a Mac OS X fontóMac OS 9 fonts are not used.


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