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Caption Video Simply and Efficiently

A Complete Solution

Closed Captioning, subtitling, supertitling, or web captioning — it's nice to know one product will do them all.

It's also reassuring to know that this is the third generation of the captioning product that started the whole desktop captioning revolution back in the 1980's.

Life was simpler back then.  But media formats continue to evolve and today you have to caption everything from traditional analog videotape to DVD, Internet and digital HDTV.

And you have to be able to closed caption or subtitle them all - in all manner of languages.

Keeping up used to mean constantly buying and upgrading separate packages.

That's hard on the wallet - and you have to keep training and re-training staff on how to use the stuff.

Single System Solution

With AutoCaption's single, self-contained system you can:
    Closed caption all video formats
    Create DVD closed caption assets
    Create 32 channels of DVD subtitling assets
    Caption webcasts & animations
    Edit recovered captions
    Build displays for signage
    Easily move between types of captioning or media formats

The same development team has built all three generations of AutoCaption. Take advantage of our years of experience and refinements suggested by all the different AutoCaption users.

And you can also take advantage of free technical support.

If you're captioning savvy and want to cut to the chase on AutoCaption3, go to our executive summary or download the full-featured demo.

Bottom Line Benefits

First of all, you don't have to put up with a grab bag of cryptic software products.  AutoCaption3 gives you lots of advantages in a single system:
    Automated features let you save time and become more productive You save money and become more profitable.
    It's cheaper in the long run.
    Stay ahead with the broadest range of video and caption formats
    Slash the learning curve with a uniform user interface -- no matter what the video or kind of captioning
    Operate entirely in the digital domain
    Deliver consistent quality quickly with a third generation heuristics engine
    sending compact caption previews

If you're just getting started in the business and are looking for good background information, go to our surfing the basics page.

But if you want to ditch your tour guide, go straight to the site map.

If you don't see what you're looking for - let us know by phone or email.

We'll be here for you.


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