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The Bottom Line:
AutoCaption3 is Efficient
and Flexible

For just USD $6,000 you get the only third generation off-line captioning system with all the features and flexibility: 

      closed captioning   closed captioning
      DVD caption assets   DVD caption assets
      subtitling   subtitling
      foreign language captioning   foreign language captioning
      sign programming   sign programming.

Your Time Is Valuable

Off-line captioning has four critical steps:

  • transcribing what's said
  • dividing the text into logical captions
  • deciding when and where the captions should appear
  • delivering the captioned product

AutoCaption speeds the process at every step:

  • Works with voice recognition to cut transcription costs
  • Has an unequaled "proffer" system to efficiently make captions from transcripts or scripts
  • Can automatically assign caption appearance times to segments or to make a smooth easy-to-read product
  • Lets the operator position captions throughout safe title and remembers the position for the next caption
  • Deliver your product for on-site encoding with non-linear editors (NLE) or caption inserters, Free!

No Surprises

One price covers everything your enterprise needs to prepare and create captions using your video production hardware:

  • Close caption, supertitle, subtitle, or Web caption on analog or digital video using inserter hardware or just your NLE.
  • No bafflegab of models.
  • No suddenly discovering you have to buy yet another product just to deliver your work.
  • Since 1983 Image Logic has never charged support fees for its products.

Built by Professionals for Professionals

When our engineers are not working on AutoCaption they work on advanced avionics for supersonic and commercial aircraft.

When our product testers are not testing a new AutoCaption feature they earn a good living captioning video.  Some for two shifts a day and some only once a month.  Some in a broadcast post production environment.  Some as part of corporate or independent media production.

Your investment deserves a product that taps the experience and expertise of high level engineering talent and a broad spectrum of successful captioning practitioners.  Did you know that major closed caption inserter manufacturers use AutoCaption to test their equipment?

We're Not Your Competition

When you have a question our only interest is giving you the best answer we can.  We're not interested in getting a lead on another potential customer for our captioning services.  We're not interested in having you purchase captioning services from us.

We're interested in your success — after all, your growth can only mean more sales for us.  In fact, we regularly refer people for whom an in-house captioning system is inappropriate to our AutoCaption customers.

AutoCaption Is The Product For Uncertain Times

Blu-Ray or HD-DVD?  The next version of MPEG? Internationalization?  A new interpretation of fuzzy standards?  Closed captioning in multiple languages?  Advances in voice recognition?  Advances in Internet media delivery?

Instead of announcing a whole new product to raid your wallet, we've simply been updating AutoCaption as the industry changes.  Free.

The nice part is that every type of captioning uses the same worksheet.  There may be a few new terms or features, but there's no retraining or retyping to migrate to new technologies with AutoCaption.


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