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First, the issue of Technical Support.  You'll get the help you need, when you need it!  We're really good at that.

Support's been free since 1983, you know...

Computer Requirements

AutoCaption3 is a complete package - not a hodge-podge of "hope these will work together" software products.  But some features need more computing power than others.  So the computer requirements for AutoCaption depend on how many features you want to use.

The simplest configuration can be run on just about any Windows 2000,® Windows XP® or Vista® computer - even a laptop.  More...

The most elaborate full-feature AutoCaption3 configuration adds on-screen caption previewing and video digitizing.

Accessing all of these features takes more computer resources and make the machine work harder.  The full boat-load of AutoCaption3 capabilities will make good use of a powerful computer.  More...

Regardless of how you configure AutoCaption3, we recommend a large computer monitor, one able to clearly render high color at 800 x 600 pixel or higher resolution.  See a sample screen...

Any computer able to run Windows 2000/XP/Vista will run DynaCaption™.

One RS-232 serial port and a built in sound card are required for most configurations.  If you don't have a serial port you can use a USB to Serial Port adapter.


Operating Systems

Image Logic AutoCaption products run under Microsoft's Windows 2000,® Windows XP® or Vista® operating systems.

These products include AutoCaption3, DynaCaption, ApproveCaption™, and TranslateCaption™.


Video Hardware Shopping List

Image Logic supplies an integrated package of software, video source interfaces, and video digitizing hardware.  AutoCaption3 itself is complete and ready to work with your video equipment and computer.

You will, obviously, need a video source, caption inserter/encoder electronics, a DVD authoring package or a video recorder on your side of the captioning equation to render the captions on your final product.


More detailed information below

Free DynaCaption Encoding Software

External time code readers should not be used for scheduling captions.  More...

See a comprehensive connection diagram...


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