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Because of our experience with earlier versions, five years of careful development, and ideas from lots of AutoCaption users, AutoCaption 3 gives you a really elegant set of tools.  Here are just some of the most useful tools you get:

  • Speech Recognition -- AutoCaption works with the major systems.
  • Proffer -- Suggests each caption line or automatically breaks a transcript or script into captions.  No more picking every  single   word  in  each  caption!
  • Rules -- You make the rules for what each proffer suggests.
  • Reading-Rate -- Graphically see how fast the viewer has to read each caption.
  • Smoother -- Automatically adjusts appearance times for an even reading rate.  Grab the in and out points for off-screen narration and you're done!
  • Random-Access -- Work on digitized video and eliminate expensive tape decks.
  • Edit Detection -- Captions which respect edits are the hallmark of a superior captioner.  It's effortless too.
  • Speech Sync -- Synchronize captions to the moment the image begins to speak.
  • Ripple -- Adjust appearance times by a fixed amount.
  • Previewing -- See the captions on the video while you're working.
  • Foreign Languages -- Complete support for UNICODE means you can work in all languages -- simultaneously!
  • Free Translator Support Software -- Translate captions without having to re-do the timing, unless you want to.
  • Spell Checking -- You can even build your own customer specific dictionary extensions for terms-of-art or proper names.
  • Macros -- Build a library of macros specific for each client or type of captioning.
  • Multi-channel Captioning -- Caption all closed caption channels or all 32 DVD subtitle channels.
  • Time Compression -- Instantly re-time captions when a show's run time is electronically compressed or stretched.
  • Error Manager -- Speed clean-up and fix-up with continuous error checking, error explanations, and a handy way to skip from error to error.
  • Use Video Files -- Schedule captions from video files (MPG, ASF, AVI, etc.) or you can even use an ordinary consumer video deck without SMPTE time code.
  • Free Digitizing Software -- Make digital files to caption from without tying up AutoCaption!
  • Make DVD Caption Assets -- Make closed caption and subtitling asset files for your DVD authoring system.
  • Recover Closed Captions From Video -- AutoCaption accepts data recovery files.
  • Free ApproveCaption -- Internet caption viewer can be used anywhere to preview captions.
  • Free DynaCaption -- Now anyone, anywhere, can encode captions.


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