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Considering Moving Up to AutoCaption?

Here's where you can download and try it out a fully functional demonstration version of AutoCaption.

We couldn't figure out a way to download the video source controller and time code interface hardware through the Internet, but we'll give you a short digital video file to play with.

AutoCaption Users

This is is where AutoCaption users can get the latest distribution version of AutoCaption.  AutoCaption owners don't have to buy a subscription or purchase annual technical support or pay for each upgrade.  Just come here at your convenience and down load the latest version.

Captioning Service Clients

Here's where your clients can come to download free software to insert captions on-site or preview captions.

The free DynaCaption™ software uses your Windows™ sound card as a very reliable SMTPE time code reader.  So all one needs to encode captions is a caption inserter.

The free ApproveCaption™ software lets anyone with Internet access view closed captioned or subtitled video before you encode a captioned video master or burn the final DVD.

Teachers, Churches, and Moms

We've also posted a small free roll-up captioning program for you.

It's robust and runs on the crummiest DOS computer.  While you may not be a high end post production house or global media syndicator who needs the power and versatility of AutoCaption, your audience deserves captioning too.

All Captioners

We'll be posting handy little tools for anyone captioning media.  They're simple straight-forward free tools that work on Windows 2000/XP.™

Our first tool is ReTime.  It shifts the appearance times on STL captioning files and SCC closed captioning files used as DVD authoring assets.  ReTime is useful as a work around for DVD Studio Pro's tendency to use the time stamp from the the original MPEG file rather than the edited time line when merging an asset.

As your suggestions come in there will be more tools.  So give us your suggestions and stop by from time to time for more handy little tools.  Oh yes, did I mention they're free and not riddled with those horrid pop-up banner sales things?


Many of you have commented on our site map.  Thanks.  We think it's a clever low bandwidth solution too.

So give us a link and the Perl script is yours!


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