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AutoCaption will make SAMI format templates for media captioning

SAMI (Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange) is a SMIL-like language implemented by Microsoft® to caption its Encarta® Encyclopedia, and Windows Media™ Player products.  The actual captioning template is very straight forward and while HTML-like does not get bogged down in the nuances of HTML syntax.

The SAMI template can and must be used with a valid HTML header able to bring in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), specify the font, bring in the appropriate media file, and take advantage of all the other HTML features that web page designers demand when making browser page.

Here is an example of a SAMI template.  "ENUSCC" is a class tag so the author can specify the font and formatting particulars of the captions.  The timing is in milliseconds.

  <SYNC Start=0>
    <P Class=ENUSCC ID=Source>About SAMI
  <SYNC Start=10>
    <P Class=ENUSCC>Microsoft SAMI is very easy
    to edit because the syntax
    is so clean.
  <SYNC Start=8800>
    <P Class=ENUSCC>Users can quickly edit
    captions with a word processor
  <SYNC Start=19500>
    <P Class=ENUSCC>and little special training!

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