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AutoCaption will make SMIL templates for media captioning

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language or "SMIL" (pronounced "smile") is a United States trademark owned by W3C.  The wide ranging specifications rely on a header to describe the method of timing, the font specifications, colors used and so forth.

The AutoCaption SMIL template contains all the caption and caption timing information.  The template assumes the header will use the default timing.  The SMIL default timing is beginning and ending times expressed as decimal seconds from the start of the media file (see the sample below).

By using the template to handle all the captioning drudgery, the user can quickly and conveniently add captioning to their HTML, XHTML or XML page.  By writing their own page header the user retains complete control over the look and feel of both the page and captioning.

Here is an example of a SMIL template generated by AutoCaption:

<body region="subtitleArea">
    <p xml:id="subtitle1" begin="0.76s" end="3.45s">SIML requires a header.</p>
    <p xml:id="subtitle2" begin="5.0s" end="10.0s">It can be quite simple<br/> or extremely complicated.</p>
    <p xml:id="subtitle3" begin="10.0s" end="16.0s" style="s2">The header can specify colors,<br/> fonts, and even how the timing>br/>is specified.</p>

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