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AutoCaption makes closed captioning and subtitling (any language) assets for DVD authoring.

Types of Captioning

Closed Captioning

Video Subtitling

DVD captioning is no problem with AutoCaption.

DVD has four channels for closed captioning and 32 channels for subtitling.

Closed captioning is put on the DVD by an Authoring Package.  The authoring package takes care of combining and synchronizing multiple channels of digitized video, multiple channels of digitized audio, closed captioning, subtitling, chapter marks and even an index into a form suitable for making a DVD.

AutoCaption can provide closed caption files and subtitle files for authoring packages with published (not proprietary) closed captioning and subtitling file formats.  Among these are:

The short version: Closed captioning DVDs is no problem with SCC assets made by AutoCaption.


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