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Supertitles over Manon Lescaut at the Todi Music Festival courtesy Digital Tech Services

Supertitles are dialogue the audience can read while watching an event.

With supertitles the audience can simultaneously read what's being said or sung without taking their eyes off the performers.  That's because the text is displayed above or next to the performers.

This is distinct from subtitles where the text is displayed below the performance and often on a seat-back close to the spectator.

Supertitles can be projected (surtitles) or electronic.

Electronic supertitles are typically electronic signboards made up of thousands of Light Emitting Diodes (called LEDs)  They have largely replaced "Surtitles" that use video projectors or slides and slide projectors.

There are also variations on supertitles which use video or computer monitors.

is an electronic supertitling system that uses AutoCaption to prepare and perform the Supertitles.

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