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From the lab: the inserter depends on the media you are captioning

DVDs Are The Future

DVDs are fast becoming the most popular delivery and archiving medium.  With most professional DVD authoring packages (Apple's DVD Studio Pro® and Adobe Encore®(see page 8) for example) you don't need a caption inserter to do subtitling or closed captioning with AutoCaption!

Analog Closed Captioning

We strongly recommend using separate inserter hardware for captioning analog broadcast video.

The closed caption waveform is a combination of analog and digital signals precisely dictated by the United States Federal Communications Commission (see Figure 17 of 47 FR 73.966).

NLEs rely on digital to analog converters to generate the final analog video. . As their name implies, digital to analog converters really aren't designed to generate digital signals.  Editors must be very careful that their NLE doesn't generate an illegal waveform using an overlay.

Dedicated hardware, on the other hand, is the sure fire solution.  Caption inserters generate a smooth accurate seven cycle synchronizing waveform and then cleanly transfer to a high bandwidth switching strategy to complete the each line 21 waveform with 2 bytes of digital data.

Dedicated hardware is the only way we know of to avoid generating a non-conforming and illegal caption waveform.

So do yourself a favor and check out our links to closed caption inserter manufacturers.


If you are not creating DVDs, AutoCaption works with the MagniCoder Premier MCP-601 to burn in subtitles generated from your computer.

We're quite pleased with the reputation and quality of Magni Systems hardware.


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