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Captioning worksheet shows the reading rates before and after pacing is smoothed

Work In Bigger "Chunks"

Suppose the off-screen narration begins at 00:06:15:09 and goes three minutes until 00:09:22:12.

That could be 80 captions - 80 opportunities to play with the shuttle knob looking for an appropriate "in" and "out" point for each caption.  Talk about time consuming!

With the AutoCaption smoother tool all you need are two time codes - the "in" (e.g. 00:06:15:09) and the "out" (e.g. 00:09:22:12).

Then, with one touch of one key - AutoCaption's smoother tool generates timing for those 80 captions - and gives the viewer the smoothest, most uniform captions possible.

Experienced captioners use the AutoCaption smoother tool as often as humanly possible.  You can understand why.

They shuttle through talking head segments and off-screen narration grabbing only key "in" and "out" points.  These points become unchangeable anchor points (see the leftmost check box in the brief example above).

The smoother tool will automatically assign appearance times between anchor points.

It's fast and it's simple.  And it saves wear and tear - on you.

Good captions read evenly

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