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Image Logic technician explains that some closed caption encoder "enhancement software" does little more than our free DynaCaption software

Inserter Savings

Some expensive caption inserters and add-ons are totally unnecessary and actually can get in the way. 

These pricey software packages (EEG's CCPOST and CCPLAY for example) and "file-to-video" inserter features closely parallel our free DynaCaptionTM software, except that they require specialized time code reader hardware and a thick wallet.

Any caption inserter that claims to take files of one sort or another is a waste of your money when you use AutoCaption. 

Many different inserters and caption file formats have been made since closed captioning started in the 1970's. 

There's no such thing as the one universal format or definitive collection of file format documentation.

Venerable older formats like the previously proprietary National Captioning Institute's "CAP" file were designed before PC's became popular. 

The documentation seems a bit fuzzy (ours is a third copy of an old thermal paper FAX from NCI).  The overall design is from a simpler era when people weren't concerned that a data file could get damaged on the Internet. 

It never occurred to the authors to distinguish between centered captions and ones merely positioned with indents because electronic subtitling was in its infancy. 

Adjusting time codes is impossible when no distinction is made between NTSC drop frame and non-drop frame or PAL.

Other formats are proprietary to caption service vendors who understandably want to make it difficult for clients to go elsewhere.

Anyone can download the free DynaCaption software from this site and use it to "perform" an AutoCaption file (with a "DCAP" extent). 

You don't need a SMPTE time code reader or expensive software.  Just a Windows 2000™ or newer computer and a sound card.


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