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Respect & Privacy

We don't compete with you -- ever.

Neither Image Logic nor any of its principals, officers, and employees or their families have any financial interest in any enterprise that directly provides captioning services (this excludes stock in publicly traded companies, mutual funds, and publicly traded financial instruments, such as bonds.)  And Image Logic doesn't offer captioning services.  Never have.  Never will.


We respect your confidences

What you tell us stays here.  Without your trust and confidence we can't provide you with the support we pride ourselves in -- and that you paid for.

If you send us a worksheet to test it will never be used for any other purpose.  If you send us media for testing that is all it will be used for.


We don't solicit your clients

There are no circumstances under which we will solicit business from a client you've divulged to us.  However, if a client of yours contacts us for information about our products we'll provide the requested information.


We respect your integrity

We'll never send prospective AutoCaption purchasers to you or even use your name to vouch for our products without your express written permission.

Your contact information will never be sold, bartered, or distributed.  We'll take every reasonable precaution to safeguard your information or any materials you share with us.

All materials shared with us will be destroyed once they are no longer useful for the express purpose you gave them to us for.  Should any of your information or materials get released via one of our employees, contractors, or agents we will join you in actively prosecuting that individual and organization.

Alas, the sole exception to our privacy guarantee is when authorities with the legal right in the State of Maryland (USA) properly compel us to disclose information.

Electronic privacy

We don't put cookies on your computer or flog you with pop-up advertising.  We're genuinely pleased you stopped by and gave us a chance to peddle our wares.

We do count the number of visitors to this site, the number of downloads, and we gather statistics grouped according to the visitor's URL.  But none of that is likely to distinguish you from other visitors who might use same ISP (Internet Service Provider such as your cable company or DSL supplier).

Computer citizenship

Our software tries to be a good citizen when installed in your computer.  We don't insist that you have an Internet connection to "validate" the software or force you to recite the mother of all numbers into a voice activated phone system.

Should you decide to uninstall our software, it's designed to completely remove everything it installed.  We don't leave drivers lying around or hide things in your registry.  No stealth Internet connections with a form demanding to know why you are uninstalling.

After all, we're just guests on your computer and like a good guest we shouldn't get in the way.


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