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ApproveCaption uses an ACP file made by AutoCaption™ to view captions on video.  If you already have a suitable low resolution media file the ACP file is very small.  However, AutoCaption can make a larger ACP file that automatically includes a low resolution media file to display the captions on.

Technical Requirements

  • A Windows® 2000, XP, or Vista operating system
  • 250Meg of RAM (Vista should have 1 Gig).  If you don't have enough memory your hard drive may thrash and the program may lock up.
  • 800MHz or faster CPU (Vista requires at least a 2.8 Ghz CPU).  If your CPU is not up to the task, the video will lurch and the program controls will be sluggish.
  • 3D video adapter and proper driver.  Most computers made after 2004 have 3D video adapters.  You can safely install and launch ApproveCaption on a computer without a 3D video adapter or proper driver.  If you don't have the correct video adapter or driver you will get an error message to that effect and can uninstall ApproveCaption with no ill effects.

Easy To Use

This professional quality closed captioning and subtitling player gives you video control with a slider and "Play/Stop" buttons.  A SMPTE time code display always tells you where you are in the video.

It's quite simple to use.  Pick the ACP file to view and, if necessary, the media file to view the captions on.  Then click on the "Play" button.

You can also bundle the media file in the ACP file.  This is handy for putting on a CD or DVD.

Using this caption viewer is really simple.

Frame Accuracy

ApproveCaption is frame accurate and generates highly readable captions.

This professional quality closed captioning and subtitling player supplies video control with slider and "Play/Stop" buttons.  SMPTE time code tells you where you are in the video.


Click to start downloadingThe current ApproveCaption installation package is about 3.2 Meg.

Click here to download a "zipped" version if your firewall won't permit executable files to be downloaded.

Here you can download a 7.5 Meg demonstration ACP file (HealthWMedia.acp) that includes the media file.  This file would be only 181 K if you already had the media file!

Downloading is easy, but if you're new to the process or have any questions, check out our Download Cookbook for a step-by-step description of what will happen when downloading.

Important Legal Notice:  By downloading any of the above software you agree that Image Logic® Corporation is providing information that to the best of its knowledge is correct but is in no way liable for the performance or uses to which the free software is put.  You further agree to not use this software to reverse engineer, duplicate, or model software from.

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