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The recipe for a successful software package download is:

1.   Know what you're getting into.  It can take quite a while to download a large software package if you have a dial-up connection to the Internet. 

A typical dial-up connection will download about 100K per minute.  If you're downloading 1,500K (1.5 Meg) you should expect the download to take at least 15 minutes.

2.   Pick the software package you want to download.  Go to the downloads area and select the software package you want to download. 

After you've read the description of the software package and decided you really want to spent the time downloading it (see step 1 above), click on Download Now!

3.   Your Internet browser will ask what you want to do with software package once it's downloaded.  Save it on your hard drive if you plan to run the software more than once or on another computer. 

Alternately you can run the software immediately by selecting open; but, that means you will need to download it again if you ever want to repeat the installation or upgrade.  You can hit cancel to quit and no harm will be done.  more...

4.   If you elected to save the software on your hard drive (see step 3 above), your browser will ask where you want to put it.  

Naturally, you'll need to provide those directions, choosing or creating the appropriate subdirectory.  more...

5.   Now downloading begins in earnest.  Your Internet browser will display a progress bar that shows how much has been downloaded. 

Eventually, the Internet browser will announce that the software package is completely downloaded.  more...

If you elected to Open the download, the installation or upgrade will begin immediately.  If you decided to Save the software package, it will be saved for later use wherever you directed in Step 4.

6.   If you saved the software package you can run it by selecting the file (wherever you saved it in step 4) with your Windows ExplorerTM and double left clicking on the file name.

Important Legal Notice:  By downloading any of the above software you agree that Image Logic® Corporation is in no way liable for the performance or uses to which the software is put.  You further agree to not use this software to reverse engineer, duplicate, or model software from.

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