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ReTimer is the first of a series of free Windows 2000/XP™ utilities suggested by captioners like you.

ReTimer will shift the appearance times in closed caption and subtitling assets used when authoring DVDs.  All appearance times are shifted equally based on your new first caption appearance time.

If you have a SCC closed caption resource file or a STL subtitle resource file, ReTime is a life saver when the master video file turns out to start earlier or later than expected.

ReTimer is a single executable installation file.  Just open the file and it will install everything you need including a shortcut in the "Programs" menu.

Download ReTimer

Click to start downloading There are no strings attached to using ReTimer.  Just enjoy it with our complements.

If your firewall won't allow you to download an executable file, click here for a "zipped" copy.


Site Index

SiteIndex is the version 1.03 Perl script we use to automatically generate our graphical site index (check out our site index).

With this script a webmaster can add, change and delete pages without having to worry about also changing the visitor index.  This is a handy little tool if you know what "cgi-bin" is and your site is on an Apache server, otherwise it's not for the faint-of-heart.

Download SiteIndex

Click to start downloading The only string attached to using or modifying SiteIndex is that you retain a link to our downloads page so the next webmaster can find out about SiteIndex and Image Logic.

Downloading is easy, but if you're new to the process or have any questions check out our Download Cookbook for a step-by-step description of what will happen when downloading.

Important Legal Notice:  By downloading any of the above software you agree that Image Logic® Corporation is in no way liable for the performance or uses to which the software is put.  You further agree to not remove or alter any text attributing the software to Image Logic Corporation or remove or alter links to Image Logic Corporation Internet sites.

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