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AutoCaption can get time code from video stores and video decks.

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You should never need an external
time code reader to use AutoCaption.

We figured out a way to use the computer's sound card as a highly accurate time code reader for PAL and NTSC video when digitizing or encoding. 

That means you really don't have to shell out money for a balky external time code reader or fancy professional video source with a built-in time code reader.

Tech Speak:

The best source of time code when you're jogging and shuttling looking for the caption "in" point is a time code reader built right into the video source itself.  An external time code reader, even the ones we designed or manufacture, simply can't work as well.

Reason?  Because a built-in time code reader can handle varying tape speeds much better than an external one.

The video source "knows" when it's stopping or changing speed.  It can tell the built-in time code reader what to expect and how to adjust.  It can help the built-in time code reader by counting capstan revolutions or even by estimating tape motion.

But an external time code reader simply doesn't have all that information.

We strongly recommend using a video source with built-in reader or our non-linear media system for all that shuttling and jogging you do when making, scheduling, and previewing captions.

But we let you turn your sound card into a neat little external reader that will work fine for digitizing media or encoding captions.  That's because the video plays at a constant speed.

The bottom line is that with AutoCaption you can use a consumer video source to schedule your captions.


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