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AutoCaption will make good use of the newest computer hardware.

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To access all the features of AutoCaption you'll need a computer with the following:

  • 2.8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium® class CPU is the bare minimum.
  • 512 Meg or more RAM.
  • One free PCI slot for a video digitizing card (supplied) to preview captions on screen or use random access features.
  • At least one RS-232 port but preferably two RS-232 serial ports if you plan to simultaneously control a video source and encode captions.  Two port connection diagram
  • nVideo® GeForce 3TM or better video adapter with at least 64MB of on-board memory is handy if you want the fastest possible performance.
  • AutoCaption needs at least 20 Meg of hard drive space.  We recommend at least an additional 20 Gig for random access to digitized video.

AutoCaption is designed to make use of Intel HyperThreading™ and AMD® dual-core technology to manage graphics and media files.


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