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ApproveCaption TM lets anyone on the Internet see captioned video.

AutoCaptionTM will make a compact ACP file that ApproveCaption uses to display closed captions or subtitles on a media file.  It's the perfect way to get approvals before making a captioned video or DVD.

If someone already has a media file all they need to see captions is ApproveCaption and an ACP file made by AutoCaption.  If your audience doesn't already have a media file you can include low resolution media in the ACP file for one-click viewing anywhere the Internet goes.

Click to start downloadingThe sample contains about 4.5 minutes of video and is about 7.5 Meg.  If you already had the video, the ACP file to superimpose captions would be only 181K.

To view the HealthVid.acp file downloaded above you will also need to download and install the free ApproveCaption software.

So use the Internet to deliver captioned media for approval.  Simply.  Quickly.  And free!


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