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VideoPrep captures video


Make media files to work from

Make digital media files without tying up AutoCaption.

You know already it's faster, cheaper and more convenient to caption from media files on the computer.  You save wear and tear on decks, and digitizing is a great way to use ordinary consumer video desks instead of expensive professional ones or SMPTE time code readers.

But your time is valuable and you obviously don't to lose productivity twiddling your thumbs while digitizing.

No sweat.

AutoCaption includes our stand-alone VideoPrep™ module that lets you make digital media files in the background without tying up the AutoCaption program!


Make media files searchable

You can even use VideoPrep™ to make media files searchable. 

This is important because you need to be able to move back and forth in the video to schedule or transcribe captions. Many media files don't permit that.  And you can't tell if a file is searchable by the extent.  Some MPG files are searchable others aren't.  Some ASF files are searchable, others aren't.

AutoCaption and VideoPrep removes the problem and gives you searchable files to work with.

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