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Creating DVD Caption Assets

captioning worksheet converts to DVD asset too

"Assets" is the fancy name for the computer files your DVD authoring package uses.

DVD authoring packages are designed to pull together all the assets needed to make a DVD. 

  You might have more than one video file. 

  You may have special audio files. 

   You might have countless files with out-takes and interviews. 

The authoring package takes all these assets and organizes them to make a master DVD image.

AutoCaption makes closed captioning or subtitling assets. 

A closed captioning asset traditionally is a file with a .SCC extent.  A subtitling asset traditionally is a file with a .STL extent often accompanied by a gaggle of image files -- one for each caption.

DVD's allow up to 32 channels of subtitling.  Because AutoCaption's native mode is UNICODE you can build captions for every language.  Regardless of whether the text goes left to right or right to left.

There's also a free translator tool that lets you give your translator a native language worksheet with spaces for the translation.  It looks like a spreadsheet with the native language in the right column and the translation in the left.

When you import the translation into AutoCaption, the captions will appear by default at the same time as the native language counterparts.  But that's just for starters, because the timing for the translation is both independent and easily changed.

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