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Some captioning errors don't show up right away.

For example, a slight change in timing or adding a word to a caption may cause a bandwidth problem.  This is when there simply isn't enough time to transmit a caption.

Sometimes re-timing a show with the compression tool or running a global search/replace will scatter errors throughout your work sheet.  You may not want to stop and deal with every single error right away.

So AutoCaption is constantly working in the background to find even the most subtle error.  When it finds an error AutoCaption puts a warning icon on the left of the offending caption.  Click on the warning icon to find out what caused the error and what to do about it.

AutoCaption also activates the error button in the tool bar when it finds an error.  As long as there is even one error the error button will be active.

The neat thing is that you can quickly hop to the next error by simply clicking on the error button.  The error button and error explanation work together to make fix-up fast and efficient.

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