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  Working With Video Files

captioning worksheet showing video file being transcribed

   Eliminate balky videotape decks completely. 

   Or take advantage of the Internet to receive video files from clients. 

   Or use the footage you already digitized for your NLE or video store.

Whatever you choose, AutoCaption lets you work from a growing variety of video file formats. 

For example MPEG, JPEG, ASF, AVI and even audio files like WAV and MP3.  AutoCaption's VideoPrep software even lets you create and convert media files without tying up AutoCaption.

You can preview and perfect your caption timing on the digital copy and then bump the digital frame number to suit any master video time code.

AutoCaption generally uses the same CODECs as the Windows Media Player® so it can grow as new formats are introduced.  It also means that if your NLE uses a proprietary CODEC, it too can be available to AutoCaption.


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