Free Caption Translator Support

Use our translator support software.  Free!

Go ahead, use translators all over there world at no extra cost.

Well, that doesn't mean translators work for nothing, but with AutoCaption the tools are free.

Here's how it works:

  1. You make a caption worksheet in whatever language you're comfortable in.
  2. You ask AutoCaption to make a TCW file.
  3. Any translator can use our free TranslateCaption™ software to add a second language.  It doesn't matter if it's Arabic, Russian or Spanish.
  4. In an instant AutoCaption makes the TCW file into the foreign language worksheet you need -- even the caption timing and placement is preserved!

AutoCaption is designed for multi-channel and multiple languages.  Perfect for those 32 channels of subtitling on DVD.

Each channel may have independent timing.

Because UNICODE is used throughout, you can mix languages on any or all of the channels.  Even in the same caption.

Why buy a whole captioning system for translators to use?
  It's free with AutoCaption.

Translator Tool screen

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