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Image Logic technician brings you tips for better captioning


Maverick CODECs and Filters

We've found a few problems with CODECs and Direct Show Filters that can either stop or cripple your computer and AutoCaption.

Video Digitizing Hardware

Our testing shows some are better than others.

Caption Inserters

Some expensive caption inserters and inserter add-ons are totally unnecessary and actually can get in the way.

You don't need caption inserters with pricey software packages like CCPOST and CCPLAY.  Just turn the fancy software off by setting the encoder on "Real-time" and use our free DynaCaptionTM software.  It does the same thing without raiding your wallet.

Not All Documents Are Created Equal

The extent says "TXT" or "RTF" but that's just a pick-up line.  Once inside you're likely to find practically anything.  Closed captioners in particular have to watch out for out for nasty things like "sexed quotes", the "EM dash" and the always troublesome ellipsis…

The Mystery of UTF-8

While we're on the subject of documents, even UNICODE characters can be expressed in different ways.  This means trouble when importing a UNICODE transcript and trouble when making DVD assets in UNICODE.

AutoCaption's native mode is to express UNICODE characters in 16 bit words (UTF-16), but other word processors, particularly older ones, use 8 bit words (UTF-8) combined with a novel way to cobble together the remaining 65408 UNICODE characters.


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