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Scripts For Testing

Many users have asked for a quick way to test their caption insertion hardware.  This page contains links to other pages with ready-made scripts to exercise captioning hardware from different vendors.

What You Need

1) You will need a Windows 2000,™ XP,™ or Vista™ computer with a RS-232 serial port.

2) You will need to download and install DynaCaption.  DynaCaption is used to perform the scripts -- just like it runs a closed caption inserter when captioning.  You do not need time code because the scripts will run automatically -- and continuously if you like -- on Image Logic's® free DynaCaption software.

3) You will need a RS-232 cable to go between your computer's serial port and the inserter input.  Generally this cable is provided by the vendor.  In a pinch, it's a good bet that a male to female straight through cable with 9 pin SubD connectors will work.

4) Download the DCAP script file for your caption inserter.  Click on the list of inserter vendors at the left and select the style of captioning (a single channel, CC1 and CC2 simultaneously, or CC1 and CC3 simultaneously) you want to simulate.

Please be assured that any software we ask you to install can be removed completely.

Getting a Preview of What Should Happen

You have three options if you want to preview a sample of what the scripts will deliver:

  1. Download a 9 Meg. complete preview kit with Image Logic's free Approve Caption software, a media file, and an Approve Caption file representative of what a properly working caption insertion system should generate.
  2. Download a 6 Meg.partial preview kit that does not contain the 3 Meg media file.  You can use your own media file to preview the captions on.
  3. If you have already installed the ApproveCaption software you can download just the 2.6 Meg. ACP file with video or the compact 126 K ACP file without video (use your own 4 minute or longer media file).

Some caption inserter or encoder vendors use proprietary, poorly documented, or non-uniform protocols.  Scripts for hardware made by these vendors are available only by special arrangements with the vendor and Image Logic.


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