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It's a complete system -- that means no chasing around after "optional" features.

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No accessories to buy.  No hidden surprises.

AutoCaption is a complete captioning package. It includes everything you need to make our stuff work with most video gear.

AutoCaption is a single, complete product - not a hodge-podge of products.  You get it all -

No nasty surprises - like discovering the feature you need is in some other software.

Along with the software we supply:

  • an interface selected to control your video source
    (OK, not every one, but we cover most professional stuff)
  • an interface to capture time code, and
  • a video capture card

We design and manufacture the interfaces ourselves so you can be sure they work with AutoCaption.  Guaranteed.

Designing our own hardware lets us do more things more efficiently.  We certainly wouldn't want to risk the performance of our product or your profitability on the whims of generic hardware.

But that's what you're likely to get elsewhere.  So be careful.  Caveat emptor.

It makes sense doesn't it?  Use a highly integrated software system that comes with its own custom hardware system.

What you supply

You supply the video source, a Windows 2000/XPTM computer, and an encoder appropriate for your video stream and type of captioning.

If you want, give us a call.  We'll work with you to supply a turnkey system tailored to do exactly what you want it to do.



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